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SHOEBOXES FOR OUR HEROES was set up in 2011 by Derby Couple Chris and Sherian webster. Chris was a Co-Ordinator for another charity and while with them we made up over 200 boxes with the help of donations from the local community, that we then despatched to the charity for them to send to our deployed service personnel.

After that we decided to make the boxes ourselves, to date we have sent out over 11,000 boxes to those on deployment. We have over 80 helpers over the UK that collect and send much needed morale boxes, which are gratefully received by those far away from home.

Although not a registered charity yet, we have over 80 collectors and senders all over the country. If you would like to help out in any way please email.


We send Morale boxes out to our deployed soldiers serving anywhere in the world, Army, Navy, RAF. We rely mainly on donations of items from local people, organisations, schools, stores etc. Any money raised from events, such as  football matches, local events is used to buy items.

The names and addresses of people we send to are given to us by family and friends. We DO NOT send random soldiers, as we do not want to clog up the postal service for them especially at Christmas.

We fill the boxes with items and send them out to our deployed and we are constantly receiving letters, blueys ad emails back from very grateful reciepents . Many of the items sent may not be available or are too expensive where they are stationed. We have a great team of people that collect and send for us and are getting more and more people interested in joining us


How can I become a volunteer?

Fill in an application form (please email) it can be filled out and emailed back we do require two forms of I.D. (copy of passport/driving licence/ birth or marriage certificate , certificates must be accompanied by a utility bill showing address)  These details will not be shared with anyone, on the application form it asks if you want to be contacted by other senders/collectors if not let us know. We do not give your details out to anyone.

Is there any help available if I do an event?

If there are other collectors/senders in your area we can give you their details and you can get in touch with them to see if they are available to help.

Can I have a Shoeboxes for our Heroes letterhead?

We have learnt, from a few mistakes, not to provide our letterhead. Volunteers can produce their own letters using the ‘In Support of Shoeboxes’ logo but if you want our letters to send out to people and places to ask for donations on letterheaded paper please email and ask we can provide authorisation letters for requesting items. Or an authorisation letter to say that you are collecting on behalf of Shoeboxes

Who can I ask to donate?

You can print leaflets off and post through doors, shops, businesses, local community groups, churches, schools. Whilst handing out leaflets we do not ask people to make a donation but we always make sure there is a collection pot or bucket on hand just in case people want to donate Posters, Inserts, Flyers, Leaflets if you want us to send you our items please let us know we can add your details to the leaflet or poster and email it to you to print off. We usually add mobile number to posters etc but if you want any other information adding just let us know.